Above the Sea: Using the Sun and Water Effects in AKVIS NatureArt

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Tutorial: AKVIS NatureArt

Above the Sea


This tutorial shows how differently a photo can look, after two different nature effects are applied.

This tutorial uses the standalone version of AKVIS NatureArt. The results will be the same if the plug-in is used instead.
Original Image Result Result
Original Image Result After Applying the
Sun Effect
Result After Applying the
Water Effect
Click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger version of the image.


  • Step 1. Open the standalone version of AKVIS NatureArt. Open the image of the mountains by pressing .
  • Step 2. Begin by creating a sunset. Choose the corresponding effect from the list.

    The sun could be placed, for example, between the rocks. Use the Transform tool to place it there.

    Repositioning the Sun

    Slightly reduce its size.

    Disable the drawing of rays and adjust the parameters in the Sun tab as follows:

    Sun Effect's Settings

    Since this is a winter image, the chosen colors are not very bright.

  • Step 3. Press to start processing. Here is the result:
    Result: Sunset Between the Mountains
  • Step 4. Save the image by pressing .

    After saving the image to a file, a dialog window appears, which asks if the result should be used as a source image. Since no further processing of this image is necessary, answer No. Save the image under a different name and the original will remain in the Before tab, without an effect applied.

  • Step 5. Let's use this same image to create a rocky shore of a northern sea.

    Choose Water from the effects list.

    Indicate the line of the future horizon with the Move tool.

    Designating the Horizon's Line
  • Step 6. First process the image using the default settings (AKVIS Default Preset).
    Processed with Default Settings
  • Step 7. The result is far from what was expected.

    First change the color of the water. Next adjust the parameters as shown below.
    Water Effect's Settings Water Effect's Settings

    After adjusting the parameters you will receive the following image:

    Result: Rocky Northern Coast

    For a few minutes the high mountains have become coastal boulders.

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