Correct an underexposed photo of African kids. AKVIS Enhancer Tutorial.

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Tutorial: AKVIS Enhancer

African kids


This photo was taken by Lucas Leon in Africa. The photo is underexposed and details in the lower part of the photo are not visible.

The original photo of the African kids The processed photo
Before After

  • Step 1. Here is the original, underexposed, photo:

    Underexposed photo of African kids

    Open it in AKVIS Enhancer and select Improve Detail mode. The image will be processed at the default values of the parameters.

  • Step 2. We will keep the parameters Level of Detail and Highlights unchanged, while the values of the Shadows and Lightness parameters will be increased to 90 and 70 accordingly. It brings out details from the dark areas in the lower part of the image.

    Improved Photo
How It Works How It Works
   — Workspace — Workspace
   — How To Use The Program — How To Use The Program
   — Improve Detail — Improve Detail
   — Prepress Processing — Prepress Processing
   — Tone Correction — Tone Correction
   — Comparison of Modes — Comparison of Modes
   — Post Processing — Post Processing
   — Batch Processing — Batch Processing
   — Preferences — Preferences
Examples Examples
   — In the Street — In the Street
   — A Child in the Garden — A Child in the Garden
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   — Ancient Town — Ancient Town
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   — Tennis-Court — Tennis-Court
   — Backlight Photo — Backlight Photo
   — Archery — Archery
   — Orange Tree — Orange Tree
   — Technical Illustration — Technical Illustration
   — Remove Smog from the Photo — Remove Smog from the Photo
   — Town at Night — Town at Night
   — Underexposed Photo — Underexposed Photo
   — A Kid with a Rattle — A Kid with a Rattle
   — Poet and Doves — Poet and Doves
   — A Black Cat in a Dark Room — A Black Cat in a Dark Room
   — African Kids — African Kids
   — Christmas Market — Christmas Market
   — Exposure Correction — Exposure Correction
   — Correction of a Dark Photo — Correction of a Dark Photo
   — Khan Palace Photo — Khan Palace Photo
   — Photo Correction: Lightening — Photo Correction: Lightening
   — Show Details in Shadows — Show Details in Shadows
   — The Golden Pavilion — The Golden Pavilion
   — An Ominous Way: Strengthen the Effect  — An Ominous Way: Strengthen the Effect
   — Crystal Clear: Prepress Mode — Crystal Clear: Prepress Mode
   — Fresh Strawberries: Tone Correction — Fresh Strawberries: Tone Correction
   — Perfect Lighting: Bringing Out Detail — Perfect Lighting: Bringing Out Detail


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