Drawing on Aged Paper: Processing Photos in AKVIS Sketch and Adobe Photoshop

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Tutoriel : AKVIS Sketch

Drawing on Aged Paper


Désolé, à présent cette information n'est disponible qu'en anglais.
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The author of this tutorial is Natalia Bandurevskaya. She used Adobe Photoshop.


Natalia edits photos and has searched a long time for Photoshop tutorials which show how to make pencil drawings. With AKVIS Sketch she was able to get a drawn image in seconds. After printing portaits on canvas using special textured gel ink, customers were surprised by Natalia's result. If you want to please others with an unusual drawing, add the effect of aged, yellow paper. Below is an explanation of how this can be done.

    Original Image Result:  Drawing on Yellowed Paper Result:  Drawing on Aged Paper
  • Step 1. Open the image in the graphics editor.
    Original Image
    Original Image
  • Step 2. Call the AKVIS Sketch plug-in by selecting Filter -> AKVIS -> Sketch from the menu. As soon as the plug-in workspace opens, the Preview Window will show the result when processed with default settings (preset AKVIS Default).
    AKVIS Sketch Workspace
    AKVIS Sketch Workspace
  • Step 3. Change the following settings in the Settings Panel to convert the image to a picture (old processing mode):

    Watercolor = 0;
    Charcoal = 1;
    Coloration = 0;
    Angle = 45;
    Size = 6;
    Min/Max Length = 3/10;
    Midtones Intensity = 5;
    Midtones Hatching = 62;
    Sharpen = 73.

    Press the button to process the image with the given parameters, and to accept the result.

    Result of Conversion to Drawing
    Result of Conversion to Drawing
  • Step 4. Now we need to lighten the background, and make some parts of the image (her hair and pupils) darker. These adjustments can be made with the tools Dodge and Burn, which can be found in Tools in the graphics editor.
    Corrected Drawing
    Corrected Drawing
  • Step 5. To simulate a drawing on colored paper, add a new layer (menu Layer -> New -> Layer or press the Create a New Layer at the bottom of the Layers palette). Once the layer is created, fill the layer with any color by using Edit -> Fill (the author used a beige-orange color f0df8d).
    Create a New Layer
    Create a New Layer

    Then, while in the new layer, choose Multiply blending mode. And here is the result: a pencil sketch on yellow paper.

    Drawing on Yellowed Paper
    Drawing on Yellowed Paper
  • Step 6. Another option is to create the effect of drawing on aged paper - using your own texture pattern. To do this open the file containing the texture in a separate window, switch to the portait, and use the Move tool to drag the texture into the portrait. The image will automatically be copied to Layer 1 above the texture (Background).
    Portrait Placed on Texture
    Portrait Placed on Texture
  • Step 7. Choose Edit -> Free Transform from the menu and resize the photo of the girl to cover the entire texture (in this case the option to preserve the proportions of the image should be checked in Options).
    Resizing the Image
    Resizing the Image
  • Step 8. While on the same layer, choose Multiply blending mode. Here is the result:
    Drawing on Aged Paper
    Drawing on Aged Paper
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