Pencil Sketch from A Photo. AKVIS Sketch plug-in.

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チュートリアル: AKVIS Sketch

A Little Girl


あいにく, このページは英語にだけ使用可能です。
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The author of the tutorial is David Kelly.


This tutorial describes how to use AKVIS Sketch plug-in in conjunction with Paint Shop Pro 9 to create a realistic looking black and white pencil sketch from an existing colour photograph.

If your favourite image editing program is "plug-in" compatible, to add interest to this tutorial why not download Image 01, the original colour photograph, plus AKVIS Sketch's unrestricted free ten-day trial and try out the photo with Sketch, inputting your own settings then comparing the tutorial's final pencil sketch result with your own.

Download the photo by right clicking it then selecting Save Picture As. Save it to your hard drive, remembering where you saved it. To go to the downloads page for AKVIS Sketch's unrestricted free ten-day trial, please left click here.

    Image 01, original photograph
    Image 01, original photograph, D. Kelly
  • Step 1. Open the original photo in Paint Shop Pro 9.
  • Step 2. Use PSP9's freehand "point-to-point" selection tool to carefully select the young girl.
  • Step 3. Save the selection to an Alpha channel: Selections - Load/Save Selection - Save Selection to Alpha Channel - name then save. Saving a selection makes it easy to recall without having to redraw if a mistake is made.
  • Step 4. Name and save the image as a Paint Shop Pro image file.
  • Step 5. Invert the selection, Ctrl+SHIFT+I. The selected background and foreground image area can now be edited separately from the young girl. See the image below.
    Image 02, selection inverted
    Image 02, selection inverted
  • Step 6. Select Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur, then enter this setting, Radius = 2.00.

    Name and save the Gaussian blur setting as a preset then click OK to apply the blur effect to the image's background/foreground areas and return to PSP9's workspace.

    Note: Unlike the human eye AKVIS Sketch does not divide photo details into important and less important areas. All clear details are drawn sharply. Depending on the original photograph there could be times when not enough separation occurs between the principal subject and less important background or foreground objects. To avoid this apply a Gaussian "blur" effect to these areas before running Sketch. This helps with subject separation in the final sketch.

  • Step 7. Remove the selection, Ctrl+D. See Image 03 below.
    Image 03, selection removed
    Image 03, selection removed
  • Step 8. Call AKVIS Sketch from within PSP9 - Effects - Plugins - AKVIS - Sketch.
  • Step 9. Left click Sketch "Run" button Photo to Sketch conversion to apply its default settings.
  • Step 10. Hit your keyboard's TAB key to switch between the Before and After views. In this example, having previously prepared the photo in PSP9, applying Sketch's default settings has created an acceptable black and white pencil sketch. See Image 04 below.

    If the pencil sketch isn't to your liking play about with Sketch's Effects and Strokes slider controls until you are happy with the result. Remembering of course to left click Sketch's "Run" button after each adjustment to apply that changed parameter value to the image.

  • Step 11. When you're satisfied with how the pencil sketch looks, left click Sketch's "Apply the result to the image" button Apply. This closes Sketch to reveal PSP9's workspace containing your finished black and white pencil sketch.
    Image 04, the final pencil sketch
    Image 04, the final pencil sketch
  • Step 12. Name then save the completed black and white pencil sketch in your preferred non-lossy image file format.

Although this example was created with AKVIS Sketch plug-in used in conjunction with Corel Paint Shop Pro 9, similar results can be obtained with other plug-in compatible image-editing software packages.

AKVIS Sketch is a creative, addictive plug-in that will enable you to create your own personal, quality artwork from colour or black and white photographs with the minimum of effort.

操作方法 操作方法
   — ワークスペース — ワークスペース
   — 操作方法 — 操作方法
   — 写真からスケッチ画を作成:クラシック技法 — 写真からスケッチ画を作成:クラシック技法
   — 写真からスケッチ画を作成:アーティスティック技法 — 写真からスケッチ画を作成:アーティスティック技法
   — タイムライン — タイムライン
   — ツールとそのオプション — ツールとそのオプション
   — 背景効果 — 背景効果
   — スケッチ画にフレームを挿入 — スケッチ画にフレームを挿入
   — テキストの挿入  — テキストの挿入
   — キャンバス描画したようなスケッチ画を作成 — キャンバス描画したようなスケッチ画を作成
   — Sketchプリセット — Sketchプリセット
   — 環境設定  — 環境設定
   — バッチ処理 — バッチ処理
操作例 操作例
   — チューリップの鉛筆画 — チューリップの鉛筆画
   — カラー スケッチ — カラー スケッチ
   — 漫画へのビデオの変形 — 漫画へのビデオの変形
   — Sketchのギャラリー — Sketchのギャラリー
   — 人物写真の鉛筆画 — 人物写真の鉛筆画
   — 水彩画 — 水彩画
   — 静かな入り江: 風景写真から水彩画を作成 — 静かな入り江: 風景写真から水彩画を作成
   — フレーム付きの白黒スケッチ — フレーム付きの白黒スケッチ
   — 友人とカフェで:その一瞬をスケッチ画に — 友人とカフェで:その一瞬をスケッチ画に
   — 自己表現: 1分でスケッチする — 自己表現: 1分でスケッチする
   — 艶のあるリンゴ: プロさながらのタッチ — 艶のあるリンゴ: プロさながらのタッチ
   — バラのバリエーション — バラのバリエーション
   — Sketchでスムージングテクニックを使ってみる — Sketchでスムージングテクニックを使ってみる
   — タイムライン: 時間を止めちゃおう! — タイムライン: 時間を止めちゃおう!


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