Cute Girl: A Pastel Drawing on Paper

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チュートリアル: AKVIS Sketch

Cute Girl: A Pastel Drawing on Paper


あいにく, このページは英語にだけ使用可能です。
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You can repeat this tutorial yourself, using the author's materials. Download a .zip file containing the original image and Sketch presets (as a .sketch file). Here is a guide to using presets with AKVIS Sketch.

The author of this tutorial is Irene Briz (Lake Como, Italy). Irene used the AKVIS Sketch plugin in Adobe Photoshop.

Irene writes:

"During a trip to India, I took a lot of photos. The expressive faces of children made a great impression on me. Children's eyes are a mirror of the brutal reality that surrounds them. The image of this girl touched me. In distant, poor villages in India, there are almost no sweets, so for children there is only one accessible joy - sugar cane. This picture represents a moment in their lives!

I wanted to create a pastel drawing on paper with AKVIS Sketch, which can convert a photo into a drawing with just a few clicks of the mouse."

    Original Background Result: Drawing on Paper
    Original Images Result

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Open the photo of the girl in a graphics editor. Irene used Photoshop.

    Photo of the Girl
    Photo of the Girl
  • Step 2. Call the AKVIS Sketch by choosing Filter -> AKVIS -> Sketch from the menu.

    The plugin's workspace opens, displaying the image. The Preview Window will show the result if the image were to be processed with the default settings (AKVIS Default preset).

    AKVIS Sketch Workspace
    AKVIS Sketch Workspace
  • Шаг 3. Press the button on the Control Panel to import Pastello 04.sketch from the downloaded archive.

    Custom presets are very useful and allow you to use your favorite settings in the future.

    The Pastello 04.sketch preset uses the following parameters:

    Parameters of Strokes and Effects Parameters of Edges

    Press to begin processing the image and then to accept the result.

    Result After Processing
    Photo Converted to a Drawing
  • Step 4. Open the image you will use as a background in Photoshop.

    Paper, Pinned to a Board
  • Step 5. Drag the portrait of the girl over the image of paper with the Move tool. The portrail will automatically be added to Layer 1 above the background.

    Placing the Pastel Drawing on the Paper
    Placing the Drawing above the Background's Layer
  • Step 6. Choose Free Transform from the menu (Edit -> Free Transform) and change the size of the drawing so that it will fit completely above the surface of the paper.

    Usually combining two images will bring them to the same size, but in our case we need to reduce the size of the drawing.

    Changing the Drawing's Size
  • Step 7. While on the drawing's layer, choose the Darken blend mode, which will keep dark areas while hiding lighter ones.

    Darken Mode in Photoshop
    Applying Darken Blend Mode to the Drawing's Layer
  • Step 8. Now we will to remove some parts of the image in order to create a more realistic drawing.

    Choose the Eraser tool and use various shapes for the eraser, to avoid a repeating pattern around the edge.

    You can change the shape of the eraser in its settings. To make it easier to work with the eraser, turn off the visibility of the background's layer.

    Turning Off the Background's Visibility
    Turning Off the Background's Visibility

    Image Fragment
    Image Fragment
    Image Fragment
    Various Shapes of the Erasser

  • Step 9. Select the Dodge tool and use it delicately over the areas of the image containing the bright blue sky around the hair, to lighten it.

    Drawing Separate from the Background
    Drawing Separate from the Background

    Merge the layers.

    Drawing on paper after images are merged
    Drawing on Paper After Layers are Merged

    The last step is to blur the edges of the board with the eraser and the image is complete.

    The photo of the cute girl is now a pastel drawing on paper!

    Pastel Drawing on Paper
    Pastel Drawing on Paper (click to see full size image)
操作方法 操作方法
   — ワークスペース — ワークスペース
   — 操作方法 — 操作方法
   — 写真からスケッチ画を作成:クラシック技法 — 写真からスケッチ画を作成:クラシック技法
   — 写真からスケッチ画を作成:アーティスティック技法 — 写真からスケッチ画を作成:アーティスティック技法
   — タイムライン — タイムライン
   — ツールとそのオプション — ツールとそのオプション
   — 背景効果 — 背景効果
   — スケッチ画にフレームを挿入 — スケッチ画にフレームを挿入
   — テキストの挿入  — テキストの挿入
   — キャンバス描画したようなスケッチ画を作成 — キャンバス描画したようなスケッチ画を作成
   — Sketchプリセット — Sketchプリセット
   — 環境設定  — 環境設定
   — バッチ処理 — バッチ処理
操作例 操作例
   — チューリップの鉛筆画 — チューリップの鉛筆画
   — カラー スケッチ — カラー スケッチ
   — 漫画へのビデオの変形 — 漫画へのビデオの変形
   — Sketchのギャラリー — Sketchのギャラリー
   — 人物写真の鉛筆画 — 人物写真の鉛筆画
   — 水彩画 — 水彩画
   — 静かな入り江: 風景写真から水彩画を作成 — 静かな入り江: 風景写真から水彩画を作成
   — フレーム付きの白黒スケッチ — フレーム付きの白黒スケッチ
   — 友人とカフェで:その一瞬をスケッチ画に — 友人とカフェで:その一瞬をスケッチ画に
   — 自己表現: 1分でスケッチする — 自己表現: 1分でスケッチする
   — 艶のあるリンゴ: プロさながらのタッチ — 艶のあるリンゴ: プロさながらのタッチ
   — バラのバリエーション — バラのバリエーション
   — Sketchでスムージングテクニックを使ってみる — Sketchでスムージングテクニックを使ってみる
   — タイムライン: 時間を止めちゃおう! — タイムライン: 時間を止めちゃおう!


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