Linocut: Transform Photos Into a Black and White Image

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Linocut Effect


Linocut is a printmaking method which uses linoleum, in a technique similar to woodcut. You cut a design into the linoleum surface and print it on a paper.

In a classical engraving the image is created by black strokes on a white background. Linocut's characteristic expressiveness, strong contrast between black and white, and its rich and exuberant strokes are made using a soft material. Some famous artists like Picasso and Matisse worked with this technique.

    Original Photo Result - Converted to a Linocut
    Original Photo Result

Under the Painting tab in the Settings Panel you can adjust parameters to convert a photograph into a linocut painting.

    Attention! The quick preview does not work for this style. You must press in order to see changes applied.

Effect Parameters:

    Posterizing (10-100) - simplifies an original image through the reduction of similarly colored pixels.

    Posterizing: Weak Effect Posterizing: Strong Effect
    Posterizing = 15 Posterizing = 90

    Level of Detail (1-100) – The amount of detail and lines in an image. Increasing the value of this parameter results in more detail and a darker image.

    Weak Level of Detail High Level of Detail
    Level of Detail = 20 Level of Detail = 70

    Sharpen (1-100) - The distinctness of the image's lines. Increasing this parameter makes strokes appear clearer and more precise, without affecting the overall level of detail. Blurry images will appear darker.

    Blurry Lines Sharp Lines
    Sharpen = 5 Sharpen = 75

    More White (0-50) – Increases the number of areas in the image filled in white.

    Dark Areas Clarification
    More White = 5 More White = 40

    More Black (0-100) – Increases the number of areas in the image filled in black.

    Bright Areas Darkening
    More Black = 10 More Black = 90

    Paint Color - The color which is applied (printed) onto the image. To change the color click on the plate and choose a color from the Select Color dialog.

    Background Color - The color of the surface to which the linocut is applied. To change the color click on the plate and choose a color from the Select Color dialog.

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