Repairing an Old Torn Illustration with AKVIS Retoucher

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Tutorial: AKVIS Retoucher

Repairing an Old Torn Illustration


The author of this tutorial is Jacques F. Matijas (France).

Jacques had an excellent illustration of a scene overlooking the Côte d'Azur but the glass in the frame broke, which also damaged the picture. Thankfully he was able to use AKVIS Retoucher to repair and restore the image.

    Original Image Result
  • Step 1. Scan both parts of the image and open them in a graphics editor. Here we use Adobe Photoshop.

    Left Side of the Image Right Side of the Image
    Parts of the Original Image
  • Step 2. To get started you'll want to transfer both parts of the image to one canvas:

    - First use the command Image -> Canvas Size to double the width of the canvas.

    Changing the Width of the Canvas
    Changing the Width of the Canvas

    - Next switch to the other picture and select the image using any of the graphic editor's selection tools (for example, the Polygonal Lasso tool).

    Selecting the Fragment
    Selecting the Fragment

    - Then use the Move tool to drag the selection onto the larger canvas and connect it with the left side of the image.

    Connecting the Fragments
    Connecting the Fragments

    - Finally, merge the layers (Layers -> Flatten Image in the menu) and remove excess areas of the image using the Crop tool.

    Cropped Image
    Cropped Image
  • Step 3. Call the plug-in with the command Filter -> AKVIS -> Retoucher. Use the Selection Brush to paint over the torn areas and defects in the image.

    Selecting Defects in the AKVIS Retoucher Plug-in
    Selecting Defects in the AKVIS Retoucher Plug-in

    Adjust the settings and press to process the image. If an imprint remains where the tears were, correct them with the Clone Stamp and Chameleon Brush tools.

    Apply the result by pressing and the image will be returned to the graphics editor.

    Processing Result
    Processing Result
  • Step 4. For the final touch, use color correction to make the image more saturated and bright.

    Restored Image
    Restored Image
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