Remove Tattoos In AKVIS Retoucher: A Portrait For Your Family

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Tutorial: AKVIS Retoucher

Removing Tattoos


The author of this tutorial is Tammy Russotto. She writes that the AKVIS programs make editing so much quicker and easier. It's even more fun. Make sure to practice and in no time you will be zipping through your edits with no problem.

In this case the author wanted to make a portrait to be used to send to family and she decided to remove the tattoos. The model in the image is Tammy's 25 year old daughter, Tiffany.

    Original image Result image

Please follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Open image in your editing program by the command File -> Open.
    Original photo of a daughter
    Original photo of a daughter
  • Step 2. Using the Rectangular Marquee tool select the areas to be retouched.
    Select the tattoos
    Select the tattoos
  • Step 3. Then call up the AKVIS Retoucher plugin: Filter -> AKVIS -> Retoucher.
    Call up AKVIS Retoucher plug-in

    The selected area will be displayed with a transparent red color.

    Selected area displayed with a red color
    Selected area displayed with a red color
  • Step 4. Click on to begin the retouching process and you can watch as the selected area is removed.
  • Step 5. When it's done click on to save it and return to editing program. If there are other areas that need to be retouched repeat the above instructions.
  • Step 6. Now call up the AKVIS SmartMask program by the command Filter -> AKVIS -> SmartMask.

    Choose Auto mode. Using the Keep Area Pencil go just inside the part of the image you want to keep. Then using the Drop Area Pencil outline the area you want to get rid of.

    Draw contours
    Draw contours

    Click on the arrow button to process the image.

  • Step 7. Choose the Transition Area Pencil and increase its size. Outline the silhouette's edges. Then click on to have a clear background.
  • Step 8. Click on the button to open the dialog Select Color and choose new background color.
    Fragment on new background
    Fragment on new background

    If you don't want to add your new background yet or are done click on the checkmark button to save and return to your editing program.

  • Step 9. Open AKVIS ArtSuite plug-in to add a frame: Filter -> AKVIS -> ArtSuite.

    In this tutorial the author has chosen the Artistic Frame in white. The frame width was changed so that it will fit the image.

    Choose a frame
    Choose a frame
  • Step 10. Once you have achieved the frame you want, click on the checkmark button to apply the frame to the image and return to editing program. If you feel there are any tweeks to be made go ahead and do it and then save a beautiful new image.
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