Create a Pop Art Poster using AKVIS PlugIns: Sketch, Coloriage, ArtSuite

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Tutorial: AKVIS Coloriage

Pop Art Poster


In this tutorial, we will create a pop art poster from a photo using AliveColors and AKVIS plug-ins: Sketch, Coloriage, and ArtSuite.

    Original Image Result


  • Step 1. Open an image in AliveColors and create two copies of the background layer (Layers -> Duplicate).

  • Step 2. Select the bottom copy and convert it into a pencil drawing. To do this, call the AKVIS Sketch plug-in from the Filters list.

    AKVIS Sketch: Photo-To-Sketch
  • Step 3. Transform the photo to a pencil drawing using the Classic style.

    We used the settings as shown below but you can adjust the parameters of photo-to-sketch conversion to your liking.

    Sketch Options

      Hint: To achieve a poster-like effect you need to make the main contours in the image large and distinct.

    Start conversion with the button , then apply the result with .

    Pencil Drawing
  • Step 4. Simplify the pencil drawing using the posterization feature in AliveColors: Image -> Adjustment -> Posterize. Set Levels = 255, to get only two colors in the image - black and white.

      Hint: You can remove odd lines using the white brush or add lines with the black color.

  • Step 5. Now, add color to the drawing. Open the AKVIS Coloriage plugin.

    AKVIS Coloriage
  • Step 6. Using the Pencil tool in Coloriage select colors for all areas in the image.
    Draw Color Strokes

    Start colorization with the button and apply the result with .

    Colorization Result
  • Step 7. Make colors more saturated. Select in menu: Image -> Adjustment -> Hue/Saturation.

    Hue/Saturation adjustment

    In fact, the poster is ready. Let's add a final touch.

  • Step 8. In the Layers palette select the top layer and call the AKVIS ArtSuite plug-in. Select Halftone Effect in the Effects list and adjust the settings as shown below.

    AKVIS ArtSuite: Halftone Effect

    Apply the result by pressing the button .

  • Step 9. Change the Blend Mode for the top layer to Multiply and merge the layers.

    Pop Art Poster
    (Click on the image to view a larger version in a separate window)


Alternatively, you can make a Wild West Print in BW or sepia:

Wild West Poster
Wild West Poster
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