Miniature Painting: Add Oil Effect, Canvas and Frame to Color Drawing

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チュートリアル: AKVIS ArtWork

Miniature Painting


あいにく, このページは英語にだけ使用可能です。
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The author of this tutorial is Nancy Knadler.


A unique quality of this tutorial, is that the image used was not a photograph, but a color drawing, which was transformed into an oil painting. With AKVIS ArtWork you can experiment with various styles and achieve an amazing result!

    Color drawing Miniature painting

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Open an image in Adobe Photoshop, or an image editor of your choice with the command File -> Open.
    Original image
    Original image
  • Step 2. In Photoshop, call the AKVIS plug-in by going to the Filter menu and choosing Filter –> AKVIS –> ArtWork. The image opens up in the ArtWork window.
  • Use Oil style and after experimenting set the following parameters:

    Simplicity = 9;
    Stroke Curvature = 100;
    Max Stroke Length = 85;
    Stroke Thickness = 20;
    Stroke Intensity = 8;
    Stroke Density = 90;
    Microdetails = 49;
    Saturation = 29;
    Relief = 50.

    Press to process the image.

    Oil painting
    Oil painting
  • Step 3. The author writes, that she was happy with the look of the image but decided to add a texture. Click on the Canvas tab and choose a texture using the following parameters:

    Scale = 100;
    Reflection checked;
    Brightness = 30;
    Embossment = 25;
    Reveal Texture = 30;
    Distortion = 0.

  • Press to process the image. The picture painted on canvas looks more expressive:

    Oil painting with canvas
    Oil painting with canvas

    Press to apply the changes and go back to Photoshop.

  • Step 4. Finally, author decided to add a frame by going to Filter menu again and calling up another AKVIS plugin AKVIS ArtSuite: Filter -> AKVIS -> ArtSuite.
    AKVIS ArtSuite plug-in window
    AKVIS ArtSuite plug-in window

    In ArtSuite, click the Frames drop down menu, choose the Classic Frame style and choose a textured frame that matches the color scheme of image with the following parameters:

    Frame Width = 24%;
    Texture Brightness = 100%;
    Checked Scale Image to Frame;
    Checked Average Brightness.

    Run the process , apply the frame and go back to Photoshop where you can save a new improved image.

    Miniature Painting
    Miniature with Bird (click to enlarge)


操作方法 操作方法
   — ワークスペース — ワークスペース
   — 操作方法  — 操作方法
   — キャンバス — キャンバス
   — フレーム — フレーム
   — テキスト — テキスト
   — ArtWorkプリセット — ArtWorkプリセット
   — 環境設定 — 環境設定
   — バッチ処理 — バッチ処理
技法 技法
   — 油絵 — 油絵
   — 水彩 — 水彩
   — グアッシュ — グアッシュ
   — コミック — コミック
   — ペン & インク — ペン & インク
   — リノカット (リノリウム版画) — リノカット (リノリウム版画)
   — パステル — パステル
操作例 操作例
   — ハーモニー: 油絵 — ハーモニー: 油絵
   — 運河の風景 風景の油絵 — 運河の風景 風景の油絵
   — アニメーション化された猫のコマ漫画 — アニメーション化された猫のコマ漫画
   — 赤い牛 — 赤い牛
   — ArtWorkギャラリー — ArtWorkギャラリー
   — 神話に登場する馬 — 神話に登場する馬
   — ガルダ湖の夕焼けをパステル調に — ガルダ湖の夕焼けをパステル調に
   — 処理途中の画像を処理結果として作成 — 処理途中の画像を処理結果として作成


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