Ladies' Man: How to Remove Lipstick Stains

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Tutorial: AKVIS Retoucher

Ladies' Man: How to Remove Lipstick Stains


AKVIS Retoucher not only retouches old photos. It can also remove imperfections which are not the result of photo damage. In this tutorial, we will remove lipstick stains on a man and his shirt.

    Original Image Result

Each defect has its own unique characteristics, so we will remove them sequentially, one after another, using different tools, and paying attention to the nuances of removing each defect effectively.


  • Step 1. Open an image which needs correction.

    Original Image
    Portrait of a Ladies' Man
  • Step 2. Since the lipstick stains are large, it is best to remove them one at a time, taking note of the "individual characteristics" of each stain.

    Let's start by selecting one of the stains on the shirt with the Selection Brush . Process the entire image by pressing or use Local Run (by clicking with this tool on each selection to process it).

    Selecting and Removing Stains With the AKVIS Retoucher Plugin
    Selecting and Removing Stains With the AKVIS Retoucher Plugin

    The stain is gone!

    Stain Removed From Shirt
    Stain Removed From Shirt
  • Step 3. Now use the Selection Brush on two stains: one on the man's left cheek and another on his shirt collar. These stains need a more accurate reconstruction, so you should deactivate the Fast Processing Check Box. When it is activated the image is processed more quickly but with a coarser result. Activate Local Run , and click on the stain on the man's left cheek, then on the one on his shirt collar.

    Stain on Left Cheek (Selected) Stain on Left Cheek (Deleted)
    Deleting Stain on Left Cheek:
    1. Selection        2. Result

    Stain on Shirt Collar (Selected) Stain on Shirt Collar (Deleted)
    Cleaning the Shirt Collar:
    1. Selection        2. Result
  • Step 4. The fourth stain, in spite of its insignificant appearance, requires a special approach. Note that during processing the red background will be pulled into the collar. To prevent this, draw a defensive line with the Exclusion Tool along the edge of the collar near the stain.

    Change the settings to those shown in the screenshot, and process the selection (stains) with Local Run .

    Difficult Stain on the Shirt Collar
    Protecting an Area with the Exclusion Tool

  • Step 5. Now let's work on the stain on the neck. Select it with the Selection Brush . The stain on the left cheek (see Step 3) was removed well with the default settings, so return to them by pressing the Default button. We do this step separately to learn the new tool that lets restoring the image in a specified direction.

    First, to preserve the neck line, use the Linear Retouch tool to draw a vertical line through the selection, as shown below.

    Selecting the Stain on the Neck
    Selecting the Stain on the Neck

    Once the line is drawn, the area under it is immediately restored.

    Restoring the Neck Line
    Restoring the Neck Line

    Process the selection: click on both parts with Local Run or process all selections at once by pressing on .

    Stain is Removed
    The stain on the neck is completely gone
  • Step 6. Select the last stain and carefully adjust the algorithm's settings. This is the most crucial step, since the skin's texture here (bristled) is difficult to restore.

    Selecting the Stain on the Right Cheek
    Selecting the Stain on the Right Cheek

    Process the final stain, then press to apply the result to the image.

    Last Stain is Removed
    Last Stain is Removed
  • Step 7. The image has been retouched. You can make further repairs in a graphics editor. You could, for example, "rebutton" the shirt by pulling one part of the image over another.

    To do this, select the right-hand side of the shirt:

    Selection in Photoshop

    Then call the command Edit -> Transform -> Warp. The Warp grid will appear over the selection. You can stretch it in different directions to transform the selected area.

    Transforming the Selection
    Warping the Selection

    Finally, fix any small irregularities with the stamp or other correction tools.

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