Girl Becomes Snow Queen With Help Of Decorator

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Tutorial: AKVIS Decorator

The Snow Queen


The author of this example is Chantal Meus.

Do you remember the fairy tales your parents told you when you were a child? You were engrossed in the world of magic, adventures and mystery, you empathized with your favourite heroes and blamed the bad guys. But there are some heroes that are fascinating and scary at the same time. The Snow Queen, beautiful and insidious, exquisite and cruel, is one of them. Using AKVIS Decorator we'll turn an ordinary girl into the mysterious, extraordinarily attractive Snow Queen.

Original image Result
Original image Result

  • Step 1. Open the photo in your photo editor. You can use any photo editor compatible with AKVIS plugins.

    A photo of a girl
  • Step 2. Select the girl's lips using any selection tool. Look at the image below.

    Select the girl's lips
  • Step 3. Call AKVIS Decorator from the main menu of Adobe Photoshop: Filter -> AKVIS -> Decorator.

    Change the color of the lips. To change the color you have to activate the Color tab and choose the required tint. The author used the carnation color. Then change the parameters: Brightness = 50, Deepness = 15.

    Click on the button to start the process.

    Choose a Color
  • Press the button .

  • Step 4. Now select all parts of her body: the face, the neck, the hands and the bust.

    Select her body
  • Step 5. Call AKVIS Decorator, go to the Color tab and choose the pale lilac color on the Color Palette.
    Set the parameters: Brightness = 100, Deepness = 15.

    Click on the button .

    Choose a Color

    Then click on the button to apply the result and return to the workspace of your photo editor.

  • Step 6. Now we have to decorate her dress. Select the dress and the strap.

    Select her dress
  • Step 7. Call AKVIS Decorator, and choose the Texture tab.

    Select the appropriate texture in the Texture Library. To open the Library you should double-click with the left mouse button on the square with a texture. Choose a texture from the Nature folder.

    Texture for dress

    Set the values of the parameters as shown below and press the button to process the image.


    Click on to apply the result and close the plugin window.

  • Step 8. Now it's time to select her hair.

    Select her hair
  • Step 9. Call AKVIS Decorator again, choose the Color tab and choose the white color in the Color Palette.
    Set the values of the parameters and start image processing.

    Choose the color for her hair
  • Step 10. Now select the bracelets.

    Select her bracelets
  • Step 11. Call AKVIS Decorator one more time, use Texture tab and choose new metal texture.

    Choose a metal for her bracelets

    Here we have our Snow Queen!

    The Snow Queen
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