Create a Personalized Engraved Coin with AKVIS Decorator

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Tutorial: AKVIS Decorator

Engraved Coin - Create Your Own Design!


There are different ways to decorate a portrait with AKVIS software, and one of them is to put your face on a coin. If you like the idea to become a goldsmith and make a personalized engraved coin with your portrait, take two AKVIS plugins (AKVIS Decorator and AKVIS Chameleon) and Photoshop.

    Original Image Result
    Original Image Result
  • Step 1. Run your image editor and open a portrait that will be used for decorating the obverse of the coin. We will use this portrait of a girl:

  • Step 2. It's easy to select a face with such a uniform background. Just use the Magic Wand tool . Click on the background with the disabled Contiguous check-box to capture all white pixels. Invert the selection with the command: Select -> Inverse. The girl's head is selected.

      Hint: For complex selections you can use the special tools like AKVIS SmartMask plugin.

  • Step 3. Call the Decorator plugin: Filter -> AKVIS -> Decorator. The selection will be loaded to the plugin.

    Open the Texture Library by double-clicking on the texture square. In the Metal group select the appropriate sample and reduce Brightness from 100 to 85, Deepness from 15 to 10.

    Run image processing . The result will be shown in the After tab. Click on to apply the result.

    Changing Texture in AKVIS Decorator
    Changing Texture in AKVIS Decorator
  • Step 4. You will see the processed image in Photoshop.

    To make the picture even more relief use the Emboss filter: Filter -> Stylize -> Emboss.

    Emboss Filter
    Emboss Filter
  • Step 5. Again we need to make a precise selection (see Step 2).

    In the Filter menu select the command AKVIS -> Chameleon -> Grab Fragment.
    The selected fragment will be used for creating a collage.

  • Step 6. Open an image with a coin to put the engraved portrait.

  • Step 7. Call the Chameleon plugin: Filter -> AKVIS -> Chameleon -> Make Collage.

    Select the Chameleon mode in the Settings Panel. In this mode the plugin adjusts color range of the object to the new background.

    Change the size and position of the portrait on the coin .

    Portrait on Coin in AKVIS Chameleon
    Portrait on Coin in AKVIS Chameleon
  • Step 8. Start image processing and apply the result .

  • Thus we have an absolutely unique custom engraved coin.

    Isn't it a great gift idea?

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