Repainting Animals in AKVIS Decorator

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Tutorial: AKVIS Decorator

Repainting Animals


The author of this example is Alvaro Salazar Chacon. It was done with the AKVIS Decorator plug-in in Adobe Photoshop.

Where nature has chosen modesty and restraint, man sometimes chooses bold experimentation. The AKVIS Decorator plug-in can change the texture of an animal's skin, concealing it under that of another animal, or giving our friend a playful color.

    Original Image Result
  • Step 1. Choose an animal photo and open it in the graphics editor.

    Original Image
    Original Image
  • Step 2. Highlight the parts of the body on which the texture will be changed. The Pen tool is useful for this, since its ability to make precise selections can prevent errors.

    Marking Edges
    Marking Edges
  • Step 3. Once the object has been highlighted completely, right-click and choose Make selection from the shortcut menu.

    Making a Selection
    Making a Selection
  • Step 4. Call the AKVIS Decorator plug-in. In Adobe Photoshop do this by choosing Filter -> AKVIS -> Decorator.

    The texture library has many textures which can be used for camouflage - for example, to cover the elephant's skin in fish scales.

  • Step 5. Press the button to start the texture mapping process.

    Texture Mapping
    Texture Mapping
  • Step 6. If you are satified with the result, press the button. Some examples of using Decorator to apply various colors are shown below.

    Result: elephant picture

    Result: rhino picture

    Result: tortoise picture
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