Fireworks in the Night Sky - Using AKVIS LightShop

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Tutorial: AKVIS LightShop

Fireworks over the City


Let's imagine a city on a usual winter evening. Everyone is busy with their own life. But there is the date that unites all inhabitants. In this festive night we can see not only stars in the city night sky, but also the colorful lights of fireworks.

With AKVIS LightShop we can turn any ordinary photo into a festive card.

Original Image Result
Original Image Result


  • Step 1. In AKVIS LightShop, in Advanced mode, switch to the Elements panel and create a new light effect using the elements Particles and Star Burst.

    You can download the effect, open zip and import the xml file into the program (using in the Effect panel) or create your own effect.

    Light Elements

    Adjust the parameters of each element in the Element Properties panel, then settings of the entire effect in the Effect Parameters panel, to get something like this:

    Light Effect
  • Step 2. Choose the Star Brush and adjust its options as shown below.
    Options of the Star Brush

    Using the brush add stars to the image. You can draw stars on the tips of the particles or randomly, wherever you wish, to obtain the fireworks flash in the sky.

    Adding Stars

    Save the result . You will see the message: "Use the result as a source image?" Click Yes to continue working.

    If you use the plugin version, apply the result and re-launch the plugin.

  • Step 3. Repeat Steps 1-2 to add more light effects to various parts of the image. Change the size and position of the effect using the Transform tool . Select another color in the Effect Parameters.

    For each effect you can replace the central element (Star Burst) with any other element, for example, Light Beams or Rays.


      You can save any effect as a preset, to use it in future, by clicking on in the Effects panel.

      Note that only light effects can be saved in xml files, not stars created with the brush!

    Firework Lights
  • Step 4. Draw multicolor serpentines with small stars in the sky. Use the following settings for the Star Brush :
    Stars Parameters

    Draw with the brush some curved lines in various parts of the image. Increase the Star Size and add new lines over the old ones, but shorter nearly by 1/3.

    Now we have something like this:

    Star Serpentines

    If some parts of the sky still seem empty, you can add more colorful stars of different sizes.

    As a result, we get this festive night city:

    Fireworks in the Night Sky
    Fireworks in the Night Sky
    (Click on the image to open in large size)
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