Simple Glow Effects in AKVIS LightShop

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Tutorial: AKVIS LightShop

Simple Glow Effects


AKVIS LightShop not only applies natural light effects to the image, it also adds decorative elements: sparkle in eyes, ghostly halos, glow and shine. This tutorial demonstrates how to make a picture awesome and funny.

    Original Image Result
    Original Image Result

  • Step 1. Run AKVIS LightShop and open an image.

    Original Image
  • Step 2. First of all, light up the picture with a spotlight.

    Switch to the Advanced workspace mode to make all panels visible.

    In the left panel, the Effects groups are displayed. This panel offers a number of ready-to-use light effects.

    What if you want other than these effects? Then you can create your own effect from one of these. For example, take the Surreal Disk group -> preset 099.
    Double-click on the effect name in the list to display the elements of the effect in the right panel.

    Elements of Effect 099

    Turn off the odd items, keeping visible only four elements: Light Explosion, Halo, Light Spots, and Oval Light Spots. Move the Halo element down.

    Four Elements of the Effect

    The parameters of each element can be adjusted separately in the Element Properties panel (located below the list of the elements).

    For the Light Explosion element leave only one ray, increase its size and brightness. It will be a "spotlight".

    Adjusting Ray

    In such a way you can edit other elements:

    Changing Elements
  • Step 3. Use the Effect Parameters and the Transform tool to change the entire light effect.

    Spotlight Effect
    Spotlight Effect

    You can save your effect to use it further. Click on in the Effects panel, select a group and enter the effect name.

    Saving Effect
  • Step 4. To limit the effect area, paint the foreground with the Exclusion Area tool .

    Exclusion Area
  • Step 5. Save the picture and continue working using it as a source image.

    Now you can add stars-eyes (eg, preset 136). Reduce the star with the Transform tool .

    Adding Stars
  • Step 6. Give the image a final touch by adding a faint blue glow to it. You can create this effect with the preset 123 (Moonlight group).

    Adding Faint Blue Glow

    Save the result.

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