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Tutorial: AKVIS HDRFactory



Using the Effects tab you can adjust image hues, add warm or cold tints, apply a soft glow effect, darken or lighten the image edges and highlight the main objects in a scene.

  • Step 1. The photo will be automatically processed with the last used parameter values. The result will be shown in the After tab.
    Effects in HDRFactory: Result With Default Settings
    Result With Default Settings
  • Step 2. Select the value of the Preview Size parameter. It's an auxiliary tool, it does not influence the real size of the image. The original image will stay the same and all details of the original image will be kept.
  • Step 3. Select one of the AKVIS presets or adjust the parameters as you like:

    The parameters under White Balance help correct color hues and change the mood of a photo by adjusting its cool or warm tones.

    • Temperature (-100 to 100) makes the image colder or warmer. Moving the cursor to the left of 0 increases the number of cool (blue) tones, while moving it to the right of 0 increases the number of warm (yellow) tones.

      Temperature = -50 Temperature = 50
      Temperature = -50 Temperature = 50

    • Tint (-100 to 100) adjusts the tint of the image. The default value is 0. Negative values for this parameter give the image a green hue while positive values add magenta to the image.

      Tint = -50 Tint = 50
      Tint = -50 Tint = 50

    Glow adds a soft glow effect by creating a blurred layer above the source image. When these layers are blended together it results in a surreal appearance.

    • Intensity (0-100) defines the strength of the glow effect.
      Original ImageGlow Effect
      Glow Effect
      (Hover the cursor over the picture to see the original image)

    The parameters under Vignette lighten or darken the edges of the photo. This effect helps centrally located objects to be the focus of the image.

    • Dark/Light Edges (-100 to 100). This parameter determines how much the edges will be darkened or lightened. At negative values edges are darkened, while positive values lighten the edges.

      Dark Edges Light Edges
      Dark Edges Light Edges

    • Distance (0-100) determines how far from the center of the image shading will begin.

      Distance = 5 Distance = 50
      Distance = 5 Distance = 50

    • Shape (-100 to 100) affects the form of the unshaded area of the image. At negatives values it takes the form of a rectangle with rounded edges, while at positive values it takes the form of a circle.

      Shape = -50 Shape = 50
      Shape = -50 Shape = 50

    • Smooth Transition (0-100) adjusts the smoothness of the boundary between the shaded area and the central part. Increasing the value increases the fading effect.

      Smooth Transition = 10 Smooth Transition = 50
      Smooth Transition = 10 Smooth Transition = 50

    Processing starts immediately after any parameter is adjusted, and any changes are displayed in real time, in the After tab.

    Here is our result:

      Using the Effects tab in HDRFactory
  • Step 4. If you like the new settings you can save them as a preset and use them later. To save the settings, enter a name for the preset in the Presets field and press the button Save.
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