Restoring Colors To A Photo With AKVIS HDRFactory

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Tutorial: AKVIS HDRFactory

Looking For the Missing Color


This photograph was taken in a zoo on a sunny summer day. The image was not only discolored but had a purple hue as well. But all is not lost. Since the photo was taken in RAW format, the missing color and brightness of the image actually were preserved. AKVIS HDRFactory can use this information to restore the colors and improve the image.
Original Image Result

Note: Click here to download the original photo.

  • Step 1. Start AKVIS HDRFactory and open the original image. The image will be opened in the Adjustment tab and processed with the default settings.
  • Step 2. Set the parameters as shown below or to your own taste.
    Processing the Image in the Adjustment Tab
  • Step 3. After adjusting the parameters the image appears to have greater depth, but as an unintended consequence of our corrections, the purple hue is stronger. To correct this go to the Effects tab and adjust the settings under White Balance. Decrease Tint to -65. The green tones in the image are much stronger, which is not bad considering that most of the scenery is green (grass, foliage). Also slightly increase the value of Temperature to make the image warmer.

    Adjust Intensity under Glow to add a glow effect.

    Changing Parameters Under the Effects Tab
  • Step 4. Open the Post Processing parameters and reduce the value of Gamma to 90.
  • Step 5. Save the resulting image.
    Final Result
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