Set Sail: Creating a Pseudo HDR Image with AKVIS HDRFactory

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Tutorial: AKVIS HDRFactory

Set Sail: Creating a Pseudo HDR Image


When you create a pseudo-HDR from one photo in AKVIS HDRFactory you can reveal hidden details, make colors more saturated, and add depth. In general, you will have created an image that looks so real, it seems that if you cover your eyes for a moment, you can almost hear the lapping of waves, the wind puffing up the sails, and the ship sailing away!

Original Image Result
Original Image Result

This tutorial uses the plug-in version of AKVIS HDRFactory in AliveColors.

  • Step 1. Open the image in the graphics editor.
    Orignal Image
  • Step 2. Make a copy of the background layer. Call the AKVIS HDRFactory plug-in with the command Effects -> AKVIS -> HDRFactory from the menu. The image will be processed automatically using the default settings (AKVIS Default preset).
    Processed With Default Settings
  • Step 3. You can leave the image as is or adjust the parameters to your liking. We used the parameter settings shown below.
    Changed Parameters
  • Step 4. Press to apply the result. The image will appear in the graphics editor.

    Here is the result:

    Final Result
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