Thunder and Lightning, or How to Spoil a Nice Weather

Thunder and lightning

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The example was made in the old version of AKVIS LightShop.
Read how to use the current version of the program.

The author of the example is Héctor Calle E.

Shaftesbury is a small town in England. The dwellers of Shaftesbury, as many other people in small and big towns and villages, listen to the forecast every day and don't like when the weather lets them down.

Let's try to change the weather dramatically and shake the authority of weather forecasters.

Original image Result
Original image Result

For this tutorial we use AKVIS LightShop plugin and Adobe Photoshop.

Alternatively, you can use AKVIS NatureArt to add clouds, rain, and lightning to a photo.

Using AKVIS LightShop we have finally spoiled the weather in this small town.

Well, the town-dwellers will have to stay at home and drink their 5 o'clock tea near the fireplace. Do not believe the weathermen!


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