Refocus Mode in Versions 1-4 of AKVIS Refocus

Refocus Mode in Versions 1-4

Starting with version 5.0, AKVIS Refocus offers a new refocusing algorithm. You can switch between the old and new variants in the Preferences dialog box . When the Use Old Algorithm check-box is enabled, the Settings Panel changes displaying the old parameters, and the presets created in previous versions appear in the list.

Read below how to improve sharpness of blurred images using the old algorithm in Refocus mode.

Adjust the refocusing parameters

Adjust the Focus Correction settings:

Set the value of the Blending parameters that define the final result of re-focusing:

The real result of the focusing can be seen if you set the value of both parameters to 100. However, it may cause noise.

When the value of the parameters is lower than 100, the result of focusing is blended with the original image. That is why the final result looks more realistic.

If the value of these parameters is 0, the resulting image will coincide with the original image.


You can continue image processing starting with Step 3 of the tutorial: sharpen only certain areas, apply the selective focus effect, etc.


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