Toy World: Creating the Tilt-Shift Effect

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Tutorial: AKVIS Refocus

Toy World


Tilt-Shift effect makes a photo of a full-scale object or scene look like a toy. Usually this effect is achieved with special lenses, but we will obtain the same result using AKVIS Refocus.

For best results, use a photo where the point of view is several meters above the subject or scene. There should be many small objects in the scene: buildings, people, cars, etc. The sky should not be visible.

We'll show you 2 ways to create a tilt-shift image in AKVIS Refocus: using Tilt-Shift mode or using Refocus mode.

Tilt-Shift Effect Tilt-Shift Effect
Method 1: Tilt-Shift ModeMethod 2: Refocus Mode


Method 1. Image processing in Tilt-Shift mode.

  • Step 1. Select the Tilt Shift mode in the drop-down menu in the Settings Panel:
  • Step 2. Define the blur effect area with the markers that appear over the image when the tool is active.

    Default Settings
    Default Settings
  • Step 3. Choose one of the ready-to-use presets or adjust the parameters to your liking.

    Adjust Settings
    Adjust Settings

    Here is the result:

    Result: Tilt-Shift Effect
    Result: Tilt-Shift Effect


Method 2. Image processing in Refocus mode.

This time we chose a photo of a small square taken from a ferris wheel.

    Original Image Result: Tilt-Shift Effect
    Original Image Result

  • Step 1. Select the Refocus mode in the drop-down menu in the Settings Panel.

    Original Image
    Original Image
  • Step 2. Activate and draw blue lines around the area that will be sharpened.

    Drawing Blue Lines
    Drawing Blue Lines

    Then select and draw red lines within the area that will be blurred.

    Drawing Red Lines
    Drawing Red Lines
  • Step 3. Adjust the parameters. Set Blur at maximum value.
  • Step 4. Press to start image processing.

    Here is the result:

    Tilt-Shift Effect
    Tilt-Shift Effect Created in Refocus Mode

As you can see, it's easy to make a Tilt-Shift effect with AKVIS Refocus!

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