Radial Blur in AKVIS Refocus

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Tutorial: AKVIS Refocus

Radial Blur


Radial Blur mode blurs the area around a specific point, simulating the result of a zooming or rotating camera.

Radial Blur
Radial Blur
(Hover the mouse over the picture to see the original image)


In the Blur Center section, you can determine the position of the central blur point. To set the position, activate the icon and click the image or move the white marker. The current coordinates are shown in the fields X and Y.

There are two kinds of radial blur:

    Zoom. This mode creates blurring directed away from the center.

    Spin. This mode imitates the effect of a camera rotating around the central point of the image, which results in circular blurring.

Radial Zoom Blur Radial Spin Blur
Radial Zoom Blur Radial Spin Blur

Adjust the blur area with the following parameters:

    Highlights (1-100). The intensity of blurring in light areas.

    Shadows (1-100). The intensity of blurring in dark areas.

Blur in Light Areas Blur in Dark Areas
Blur in Light Areas Blur in Dark Areas

You can process only certain areas using the tools and .

Note that this feature is only available for Home Deluxe and Business licenses.

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