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Color and Sound Therapy


The text of the handout for the Color and Sound Therapy workshop conducted by Katharina Bless.

Since ancient times we have knowledge about the effect form color and sound on human life. Thousands of years ago, for example in ancient Greek tradition, color therapy was well known and the people went to the temples when they were sick to be cured with color vibration. Any thing is this universe is vibration and the power of love is what holds it all together. If we become sick, it means, that our pattern of vibration is disturbed and out of order. So to get healthy again, we have to restore the vibration pattern of our being. Our being is not only the body, this is why the "chemical medicine" that treats the body is not so successful, we are spirit, soul and body. To understand this deeply we have to understand that all is vibration and then we start a treatment not primary with the body but with the subtle part, that also is the indicator of information. You have to change the information to receive a good result.

There are many ways to use color and sound and it is very interesting that the advertisement sector knows a lot about this. They manipulate in their commercials very carefully with sound and color! Many years ago I had a student from the University studying marketing management come to my clinic asking about color therapy. He was writing his dissertation about the influence of colors in the advertising sector. I was really shocked when I read his work about Marlboro Cigarettes advertising and other things, how much they knew about the influence of colors in human life and how most people are unaware of how much they are manipulated.

This gave me even more reason to keep on searching about the influence of the subtle vibrations but for an other purpose: to heal and to help. Color is vibration on an other spectrum than tone, so we can see it with our eyes. You can tell that in countries, where in winter time it is cold and foggy, there is much more depression and "heaviness" than in sunny countries. You also can hear it in their music. We can use color therapy in many ways like as a therapy with color lights, color activated water, color-food therapy, color-spot therapy that works with accupressure points etc. or just simply be aware of which colors we are wearing each day and make "passive" color therapy for ourselves.

If we know about this, we can also influence our partners, some people do this very intuitively, that they choose the right color for the right event. But usually when you go some place where there are many people, you can observe sometimes very funny things about people wearing absolutely the wrong colors for special occasions. Even as a business man you can choose the right color of your shirt and tie to give out the message you want and to make sure that you are seen as what you want to be. This is the same with music, you can make people exited, happy, sad, aggressive - what ever you want, just use the right kind of sound to do so.

Let me briefly introduce you to the meaning of the basic and secondary colors and also the matching tones. We have three basic colors, three secondary colors and then the mixtures are endless. All colors are mixed from the three basic colors.

Yellow (tone E) is a light color, the color of the brain, clear thinking intelligence, for mental stimulation, to clear a foggy head.

Red (tone C) s a hot color, the power, the pure energy. It helps to vitalize and empower you and helps the blood circulation to run smoothly.

Blue (tone G, indigo A) is a cold and heavy color and helps you to be calm, quiet and in harmony. It helps to sooth the mind, cooling down hot tempers and brings a quiet atmosphere.

Orange (mixed from red and yellow, tone D) helps to concentrate, energize and clear the brain, but since there is red it should not be used for too long, it makes nervous and easily agitated.

Green (yellow and blue, tone F) is the color or harmony and balance. It helps the nerves, cool down fever and is a general healing color, as you can experience, when you let your eyes rest on beautiful green landscapes.

Violet (Red and blue, tone B) will connect you with your spiritual self and is the color of changes. It will help you to go on and change things in life easier.

It depends, if you wear light blue or dark blue, the lighter the color, the lighter the feeling and if the color is mixed with other shapes, it changes it's influence.

Wearing the right color at the right time and listen to the right music, can make your life much more harmonious and balanced. Balancing yourself with colors and music can help you to avoid harmful side effects of medication and save you a lot of money.

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