A technique of reiterative colorization

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The example has been made by S.I Serikov in Adobe Photoshop.

This tutorial describes a method of colorization with AKVIS Coloriage where a photo is colorized twice: first the whole photo, then certain parts of it.

The author applied this technique to colorize a photo of a young girl.

Below you can see two photos.

On the left is the photo of a girl after the first colorization with AKVIS Coloriage and a touch-up in Adobe Photoshop (creation of the smooth blue oval with the Brush tool).

On the right is the same portrait after the second processing with the AKVIS Coloriage plug-in and the use of the Replace Color command. On the right photo the girl's complexion is more vivid: the cheeks are rosy and the eyes are bright. Besides, the Replace Color command allowed the light color of the stripes on the dress to be replaced with white.


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