AKVIS Stencil Video 1.0 | 動画のステンシル描画効果

AKVIS Stencil Video 動画をアート作品に変換し、ステンシルドローイングテクニックをシミュレートします。動画を特別な芸術的技法で描いたように見せましょう!


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The stencil technique is one of the simple yet impressive forms of printmaking. An artist uses a stencil template to replicate a design or pattern onto another surface. This technique allows you to make drawings by passing ink or paint over holes cut in cardboard, plastic, or metal.

Now this creative technique is available for video editing!

Original ImageAKVIS Stencil Video

AKVIS Stencil Video allows you to generate a movie consisting of a sequence of dramatic monochromatic drawings.

The plugin is fully configurable and allows you to adjust the effect parameters to enhance impact to your viewers.

Original ImageAKVIS Stencil Video

The software includes a set of ready-to-use presets. Use the built-in presets or modify them and make your own effect.

AKVIS Stencil Video is an AE and OFX plugin. To use the filter, install it into Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Vegas Pro, or other compatible video editing program.

Original ImageAKVIS Stencil Video

Add Stencil Video to your video editing workflow and make unique videos with drawing effects!

Start your 30-day trial!

The unregistered version adds the AKVIS watermark to results. After the activation the sign disappears.

Original ImageAKVIS Stencil Video

AKVIS Stencil Video plugin is compatible with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements, EDIUS Pro 9, DaVinci Resolve, Vegas Pro, and other video editors.





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