Color Noise Suppression with AKVIS Noise Buster

Color Noise Suppression

Shooting with a good camera does not necessarily spare you from trouble with noise. If lighting is insufficient for the sensor you can often see color noise in your photos. Color (chroma) noise is perceived as random color dots spoiling the color accuracy of a snap-shot.

Below is a fragment of the image: on the left - before filtration, on the right - after the color noise suppression.

Before color noise reduction After color noise reduction

The following photo illustrates color noise.

The original photo with chroma noise

If we scale up the image we will clearly see color noise. Do you see these color blots on the cat's hair?

Color (chroma)  noise

Open the photo in AKVIS Noise Buster.

Auto Filtering will be applied automatically.

The result of the filtration will be shown in the Before tab in the preview area. To evaluate the accuracy of filtering, you can drag the preview frame to see any other part of the photo processed, or just draw the preview area anew on any part of the image.

Automatic Filtering: color noise reducing

As a result the color noise is completely suppressed. Now we can also see some luminance noise. It's up to you to decide to reduce it or not.

To apply the filtration settings to the whole image press the button.

The result in AKVIS Noise Buster window

To save the result press the button.


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