Correction of a dark photo: improve detail and reduce noise.

Layerwise removal of noise

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Jean-Claude Grégoire offers us a tutorial on how to improve a photo with uneven exposure.

Before and after

The original photo was too dark. After it was processed with the AKVIS Enhancer plugin, the photo was brighter and more details were visible. However, noise in the darker areas of the picture became much more noticeable.

It's now necessary to reduce this noise.



Before getting the AKVIS Noise Buster plug-in, I had tried to get rid of the noise I got on step 3 above, with the help of the Photoshop noise filters alone. I'd got the best results by applying successively the filter Noise > Median on both layers "dark areas" and "worst areas", with the Radius "4 pixels" and "12 pixels" respectively.

Fig. 32 is a zoom which clearly shows that I've got a better result with the AKVIS Noise Buster plug-in, which is easier to work with, than with the Photoshop's noise filters (Photoshop's Median on the left side, Noise Buster on the right one).

noise reduction with  Median filter (on the left) and   Noise Buster (on the right)


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