Installing PlugIns in Corel Painter 64 bit on Windows 64-bit

Installing PlugIns in Corel Painter 64 bit

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To add the AKVIS plug-ins to Corel Painter (64 bit) just copy the files with the ending _64.8bf into the Plugins folder of the image editor.

For example, to install AKVIS Coloriage PlugIn, copy Coloriage_64.8bf

- from the AKVIS folder C:\Program Files\AKVIS\Coloriage

AKVIS Coloriage Folder

- into the Plug-ins folder of Corel Painter:

Plugins Folder of Corel Painter

Then select the plug-in from the list of the Effects in Corel Painter: Effects -> AKVIS -> Coloriage.

Corel Painter Effects