Separate A Person From A Photo with AKVIS SmartMask

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Tutorial: AKVIS SmartMask

Separate A Person From A Photo


AKVIS SmartMask lets you select objects on images and remove backgrounds.

We've tried to use both modes and as many tools as possible to get you acquainted with the program.
The procedure took 10 minutes.

Original photo
The original image
Result Result Result
Different background images.
Click to open in a larger window.

This example has been created in AliveColors, but you can use any other photo editor compatible with AKVIS SmartMask plugin. Alternatively, you can use the standalone version of SmartMask.

  • Step 1. Open an image in your photo editor.
    AliveColors window
  • Step 2. Copy the image to a new layer (Layers -> Duplicate).
  • Step 3. Call AKVIS SmartMask plugin. For this purpose select the command Effects -> AKVIS -> SmartMask.

    By default the plugin uses the Auto mode.

    Plugin window
  • Step 4. Use the Keep Area Pencil to draw an outline within the girl's figure.
    Outline the girl

    Use the Drop Area Pencil to outline the background.

    Outline the background
  • Step 5. Press the button to start processing the image.

    The program will take into consideration the drawn outlines and generate two zone types: the area marked with the red pencil will be deleted (the points in this area have Transparency = 100%), the areas marked blue will be kept (the points in this area have Transparency = 0%).

    Result on a transparent background

    The clothes have been cut out very well, but in general the result does not fully satisfies us. We continue our work.

  • Step 6. Choose the Transition Area Pencil , increase its size, and draw over the complex areas (the hair).
    Transition Area Pencil
  • Step 7. Click on to start processing the image again.

    The result is much better indeed. Now we have to remove the stains on the background.

  • Step 8. Switch to the Manual mode. Here we can improve the result.
  • Step 9. Use the Zoom tool to scale up the image and work with the problem areas.
    Scale the image
  • Step 10. Switch to the workspace mode that shows the original image and the result in two windows side by side.

    Activate the Magic Brush and use the eyedropper tools to pick up the colors for the Keep Colors and Drop Colors lists. Choose the color of the hair for the Keep Colors list and the color of the wall behind the girl for the Drop Colors list.

    Keep colors and Drop colors
  • Step 11. The Keep & Drop mode is enabled.

    In this mode, the Magic Brush removes the points having the same colors as those listed in the Drop Colors field and colors close to them, and restores the points having the same colors as those listed in the Keep Colors field and colors close to them.

    Draw over the hair using the Magic Brush tool.

    Draw over girl's hair

    Here is the result:

    Result after using the Brush tool
  • Step 12. We can improve the result further.

    Increase the value of the Sensitivity parameter of the brush and draw again over the hair.

    Result after the second using the Brush tool
  • Step 13. Now enable the Foreground Recovery check-box and choose the umber color.

    Foreground recovery

    Use the Magic Brush again. Now the hair looks natural!

    Final result on a transparent background
  • Step 14. Press the button to apply the result.

    Now you can add any background and enjoy the result.

    New background New background New background
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