Standard Selection Tools in AKVIS SmartMask

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Tutorial: AKVIS SmartMask

Standard Selection Tools


The standard selection tools in SmartMask are intended for creating geometric shapes and freeform selections. The selected area is marked by a dotted outline. You can move the selection outline in the image by placing the cursor inside the selected area and dragging it.



Selections Tools:

  • Rectangular Selection lets selecting rectangular and square areas. Drag over the area you want to select with the left mouse button.
  • Elliptical Selection lets selecting elliptical or circular areas.
  • Lasso allows creating freehand selections. Draw a selection line around an object. When you release the left mouse button, the contour will be closed, the final point will be connected to the start one.
  • Polygonal Lasso lets creating a freehand selection from straight segments. Move the cursor and left-click on each point, the program will automatically draw a straight line between two points. To close the contour bring the cursor to the first point or make a double-click in the final point.

Hold Shift to make a square or a circle and to draw a perfectly vertical/horizontal line.


The tools options will be shown in the Settings Panel and in a floating box when right-clicking on the image:

  • Selection Mode defines the result of the interaction of selections:
    • New . When creating a new selection, the previous selection disappears.
    • Add . The selection area will be increased by adding new fragments.
    • Subtract . This mode lets removing the part of the selection.
    • Intersect . This mode lets keeping only the intersection area of the selections.

    Add to Selection Subtract from Selection
    Add Subtract

  • Feather (0-250). The parameter lets blurring edges of the selection.

    Feather = 0 Feather = 10
    Feather = 0 Feather = 10

  • Anti-aliasing. The check-box lets smoothing the jagged edges of the selection. Enable this option before creating a selection!

    Without Anti-aliasing Using Anti-aliasing
    Anti-aliasing is disabled Anti-aliasing is enabled

  • From Center. The check-box lets creating a selection (a rectangle or an ellipse) using a start point, where the cursor is, as a center. Otherwise, selections are created from a corner.
  • Style. You can specify a size of a selection:
    • Normal. The size of a selection is determined by dragging the cursor.
    • Fixed Size. This option lets you create a selection with exact dimensions (height and width, in pixels).
    • Fixed Ratio. The ratio of height and width of a selection remains fixed.
  • Click on and choose a command (what you want to do with the selection):
    Remove Selected Areas, Remove Unselected Areas, Inverse Selection, or Deselect.

You can use the Magic Brush and other tools to edit the selection.

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