Upstairs: Image Enlargement with AKVIS Magnifier

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Tutorial: AKVIS Magnifier

Upstairs: Image Enlargement


The author of this tutorial is Gordon Sisson.

Mr. Sisson gladfully presents a story about a little man wishing to climb up the big spiral staircase. The tutorial demonstrates an enlargement application of AKVIS Magnifier plug-in version.

Gordon Sisson found an interesting picture in his clip art file of an oil storage tank with a striking view of the stairs climbing around the side. The picture was 300 dpi but the focus was a bit soft and it was only 1.4 inches wide. The author wanted it to be eight inches wide. See below how he did it.

  • Step 1. Open the original photo in Adobe Photoshop (command File -> Open).

    Source image
    Source image
  • Step 2. Call up AKVIS Refocus from the Filter menu. This plugin is a highly useful for scanned newspaper or magazine text or any type of photograph. The five sliders provide an adjustment opportunity to provide the improved focus needed. The author created a focus preset that he called Magic which is set to provide moderate focus.

    The result is a notable improvement in clarity.

    Photo after focusing
    Photo after focusing
  • Step 3. In the Photoshop File menu, find Automate and select AKVIS Magnifier to call up the plug-in.

    Call up AKVIS Magnifier
    Call up AKVIS Magnifier
  • Step 4. To go from 1.4 inches to eight inches is a 571% enlargement which is set in the New Size window.

    Workspace of AKVIS Magnifier
    Workspace of AKVIS Magnifier
  • Step 5. Press to run the Magnifier plug-in and press to apply the result. The result is an enlargement of the original photograph — clear and sharp with fine resolution. In the corner is the original with the proportionately-sized man (a technician) added and the enlarged photo shows the man from the original but not enlarged. This dramatizes the enlargement.

    Original image and photo enlarged in AKVIS Magnifier
    Source Image and Result
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