Changeable Landscape: Change Background of an Image

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Tutoriel : AKVIS SmartMask

Changeable Landscape


Désolé, à présent cette information n'est disponible qu'en anglais.
La version française sera bientôt affichée.

The author of this tutorial is Alvaro Salazar Chacon.

The AKVIS SmartMask plug-in can be used to change the background of an image (the following example the sky) regardless of the complexity of objects in the landscape.

    Original Image Result
  • Step 1. Open the image you want to edit in Adobe Photoshop.
    Original Landscape Image
    Original Landscape Image
  • Step 2. Copy the background to a layer (Layer -> New -> Layer via Copy), so that the plug-in can be used.
    Layers Palette
    Layers Palette
  • Step 3. Open the plug-in using AKVIS SmartMask: Filter -> AKVIS -> SmartMask.
    AKVIS SmartMask Plug-in
    AKVIS SmartMask Plug-in's Workspace
  • Step 4. In Auto mode, use the blue pencil - Keep Area Pencil , - to outline objects you want to preserve. Use the red pencil - Drop Area Pencil - to outline ares of the image that you want to delete.
    Selecting Areas
    Selecting Areas

    Click on to start processing the image again.

    The fragment was selected well, but there are still complex areas from the original background.

    Result After Processing
    Result After Processing
  • Step 5. To make a more accurate selection use the green pencil - Transition Area Pencil - to mark areas which are in the background and press the button.
    Transition Area Pencil
    Transition Area Pencil

    The result is much better but there are still areas that I want to remove.

    Result After Processing in Auto Mode
    Result After Processing In Auto Mode
  • Step 6. To edit the fragment by hand, switch to Manual mode.

    Use Zoom to enlarge problem areas.

    Enlarged Fragment
    Enlarged Fragment

    Activate the Magic Brush tool and use the eyedropper tools to pick up the colors for the Keep Colors and Drop Colors lists.

    Then select the Magic Brush tool and use it on the image.

    Using The Magic Brush
    Using The Magic Brush

    To improve the result further, click on the Foreground Recovery check-box and choose the color black:

    Click On Check-Box

    Re-treat areas with the Magic Brush . The fragment looks perfect.

    Restoring Some of the Object
    Restoring Some Of The Object's Color
  • Step 7. Apply the processing result by pressing the button and the image will be returned to the graphics editor.

Now you can create landscapes with different backgrounds:

Landscape with background 1
Landscape with background 2
Landscape with background 3
Landscape with background 4
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