Oil Painting Effect in AKVIS OilPaint

Oil Painting Effect

AKVIS OilPaint creates oil paintings from photos. The unique algorithm authentically reproduces the technique of the real brush. The mysterious transformation happens right before your eyes creating a work of art that looks like a handmade painting.

Photo to Oil Painting
Oil Painting From Photo
(Move your mouse over the image to see the original version)


Adjust the oil effect parameters in the Painting tab:

Simplicity (1-10). The parameter adjusts the simplification of the image. The higher the value of the parameter, the rougher the brush strokes are, and the more details disappear. Higher values make the result look like a painting, lower values keep it closer to the original photo.

Weak Simplicity Strong Simplicity
Simplicity = 2 Simplicity = 8

Saturation (0-70). The parameter lets toning the image with brighter colors. At the value = 0 the original colors are used.

Original Colors More Saturated Colors
Saturation = 0 Saturation = 70

Max Stroke Length (1-100). The parameter defines the maximum stroke length.

Short Strokes Long Strokes
Max Stroke Length = 10 Max Stroke Length = 85

Stroke Thickness (1-20). The parameter adjusts the width of the brush strokes.

Thin Strokes Wide Strokes
Stroke Thickness = 3 Stroke Thickness = 15

Stroke Intensity (0-50). The parameter adds volume and relief to the brush strokes making them more distinct and perceptible, accentuated and expressive.

Less Intense Strokes Intense Strokes
Stroke Intensity = 5 Stroke Intensity = 40

Stroke Curvature (0-50). The parameter changes the stroke form - straight or curved. The complexity and curvature of the strokes depend on the parameter value. The shorter the strokes are, the more they can bend.

Weak Curve Strong Curve
Stroke Curvature = 10 Stroke Curvature = 50

Wide Background Strokes (1-10). The parameter lets you increase the width of the brush strokes in uniform areas, that helps to get more realistic results on backgrounds and close-up portraits.

Regular Strokes Thick Strokes
Wide Background Strokes = 2 Wide Background Strokes = 10


Random Strokes (1-50). The parameter randomizes the arrangement of the brush strokes.

Random Arrangement of Strokes
Random Arrangement of Strokes


With the advanced licenses (Home Deluxe, Business) you can also use these tools:


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