Road to Horizon: Paint the Landscape in Oil

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Tutorial: AKVIS OilPaint

Road to Horizon


The author of the tutorial is R. Gravell.

If you have a large number of scans that you did of your slides and they are not being used because of the poor quality, AKVIS OilPaint can bring them back to life along with some tricks. Of course, any digital photo can also be used for this tutorial.

    Source Image Result

  • Step 1. Bring your photo into an image editor. We have a photo, perhaps very old, but a favorite.

    Original Image
    Original Image
  • Step 2. Do the best you can to make the image as good as it can be: Auto Tone, Auto Contrast, Auto Color, eliminate some of the dust, reduce noise etc.

    Improved Image
    Improved Image
  • Step 3. A good place to start before going to the OilPaint plug-in is in the AKVIS NatureArt plug-in. Let’s give it a try.

    Call the AKVIS NatureArt plug-in: Filter -> AKVIS -> NatureArt.

    The picture is now open in NatureArt plug-in. Choose the Sun and in the presets, select your favorite sun. In this case, it is the Twilight sun. Place the sun in an appropriate place on the picture. Avoid the center.

    Save the image and go back to the image editor by clicking on .

    Add Sun to the Picture in AKVIS NatureArt
    Sun Effect in AKVIS NatureArt
  • Step 4. We are now ready for the OilPaint plug-in. Open the image in the plug-in: Filter -> AKVIS -> OilPaint. Try several of the presets and choose your favorite version. Run the image processing by clicking on . You may add a text on your picture at this time using the Text tab in OilPaint.

    Save your image and go back to the photo editor with .

    Oil Painting Effect in AKVIS OilPaint
    Oil Painting Effect in AKVIS OilPaint

    Now your masterwork is complete. You can go back to the original photo that you started with, yes that old slide from a long time ago, and compare it with your new up-dated version that you have just created, and think of all the possibilities.

    Oil Painting (click on the image to see a larger copy)
How It Works How It Works
   — Workspace — Workspace
   — Using the Program — Using the Program
   — Tools & Brushes — Tools & Brushes
   — Oil Painting Effect — Oil Painting Effect
   — Abstract Art — Abstract Art
   — Canvas — Canvas
   — Frames — Frames
   — Text & Watermark — Text & Watermark
   — Presets — Presets
   — Preferences — Preferences
   — Batch Processing — Batch Processing
Examples Examples
   — Girl on the Sea — Girl on the Sea
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