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Tutorial: AKVIS Magnifier

Print Images in AKVIS Magnifier


The standalone version of AKVIS Magnifier lets you print the image. Just press the button on the Control Panel. The Print dialog box will be opened.

Print dialog box
Print dialog box in AKVIS Magnifier

The left part of the Print dialog box is the preview area where the current position of the image on the page is shown. On the right side of the dialog window the following print settings can be adjusted:

  • Printer. If your computer is connected to a local network with many printers or if it is connected to many output devices itself, you will need to choose one of the available printers to print your image. Choose the desired print resolution from the Print Resolution drop-down list. The available choices will be based on those available for the printer you have chosen.
  • Orientation of the printed image. There are two types of orientation available - Album and Portrait. Album corresponds to the horizontal page orientation (width is greater than height), while Portrait - corresponds to the vertical orientation of the paper.
  • Print Size. To change the size of the printed image, adjust the parameters Scale, Width, Height and Fit to Page. These parameters have no effect on the image itself, just on the printed version. You can change the size of the printed image by entering any value in % (any value less than 100% will result in a smaller print size, and any value larger than 100% - will result in a larger print size), or by entering new values in Width and Height. If you want the size of the image to be adjusted to the paper size, then just select Fit to Page.
  • Move To. Choose the position of the image on the page by clicking on one of the the eight arrows.

    The size of the printed image and its orientation can also be selected manually. A frame with markers is displayed around the image in the preview window. To change the size of the image move the cursor to one of the corner markers or to a side (the cursor changes in shape to a double sided arrow) and drag the marker or side. To change the position of the image on the page, bring the cursor over the image, press the left mouse button, and move the cursor.

Clicking the Page Setup button opens a dialog window in which you can choose the size of the paper and its orientation, as well as the print margins. To print an image with the chosen parameters, press the Print button. To cancel and close the printing dialog window press the Cancel button.

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