AKVIS Restoration Bundle: 2 Retouching and Colorization Programs 30% Off

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Restoration Bundle

Retoucher + Coloriage -30%


A Second Life for Your Old and Damaged Photos!

Buy AKVIS Retoucher bundled with AKVIS Coloriage 30% Off!

The package is available in four variants. Depending on the license type, you will receive two Photoshop compatible plug-ins, a set of independent applications (standalone), or a bundle including both versions of each product with all the functionality (Deluxe/Business).


Restoration Bundle
Restoration Bundle (Retoucher+Coloriage)

-30%     $ 113 

-30%     $ 113 

-30%     $ 131 

-30%     $ 247 
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For home (personal) use please choose either Home or Home Deluxe license.
For commercial use buy Business license. This type of license is offered for professional photographers, designers, photo studios.

All features of these products (Retoucher and Coloriage) are available under Deluxe (for home users) and Business (for commercial institutions and individuals) licenses. These two licenses have the same functionality. They differ only in a purpose of usage (personal or commercial).

If you want to get all features of the software for your personal needs, we recommend you to buy the Deluxe variant.

If you want to use the software to get a profit, you need the Business variant of the bundle.


License Comparison:
Home Deluxe
 non-commercial use
 commercial use



AKVIS Retoucher

  Automatic Restoration
  Selection & Retouching Tools
  Post-Processing Tools


AKVIS Coloriage

  Automatic Colorization
 Multicolor Mode
  Color Library
 Variations of Colorization
  Recolor Brush
  Save and Load Strokes


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