Exposure Compensation with AKVIS Enhancer: Poet and Doves

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チュートリアル: AKVIS Enhancer

A poet and doves


あいにく, このページは英語にだけ使用可能です。
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The photo has been taken by our colleague during her stay in St.Petersburg. Her attention was drawn to the pigeons that settled down on the monument of the most renowned Russian poet Alexandre Pushkin. The pigeons made themselves comfortable using his outstretched arm as a perch. The picture came out underexposed, therefore Pushkin's figure and the cheeky pigeons form one silhouette.

We will apply AKVIS Enhancer to improve the level of detail of the photo and "separate the wheat from the chaff".

    Underexposed Photo of Pushkin's Monument The photo after the exposure  compensation
    Before Enhancer After Enhancer
  • Step 1. Open the photo in AKVIS Enhancer.
    Monument to Pushkin: Unerexposed Photo
  • Step 2. Select Improve Detail mode. The image will be processed at the default values.
  • Step 3. As the photo is dark we should clarify only the dark areas of the picture. Select one of the built-in presets or adjust the settings to your liking.
    Photo After Exposure Compensation

    After this simple correction the light areas of the photo have not changed (for example, the clouds), while the dark areas have become lighter and one can discern all the details of the monument. The tree behind the monument has become lighter and now it has a natural green color.


操作方法 操作方法
   — ワークスペース — ワークスペース
   — 操作方法 — 操作方法
   — [詳細を鮮明に]モード  — [詳細を鮮明に]モード
   — [プリプレス]モード  — [プリプレス]モード
   — [色調補正]モード  — [色調補正]モード
   — モードの比較 — モードの比較
   — 後処理 — 後処理
   — バッチ処理 — バッチ処理
   — 環境設定 — 環境設定
操作例 操作例
   — 街路(詳細を鮮明にモード) — 街路(詳細を鮮明にモード)
   — 透き通った氷(プリプレスモード) — 透き通った氷(プリプレスモード)
   — 新鮮なイチゴ(色調補正モード) — 新鮮なイチゴ(色調補正モード)
   — 庭で遊ぶ子供 — 庭で遊ぶ子供
   — 古代都市 — 古代都市
   — シカ — シカ
   — 教会 — 教会


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