Alter Ego: Create a Cloned Image in AKVIS MultiBrush

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Tutorial: AKVIS MultiBrush

Alter Ego


The author of this example is Gun Legler. She used the plugin version of AKVIS MultiBrush with Paint Shop Pro.

With the standalone version of MultiBrush you can achieve the same results as in this example.

Gun Legler applied the AKVIS MultiBrush plugin to add a cloned image of the girl to the original picture. When a clone of the specified object is adjusted to the background, the resulting picture has a different color range and lightness.

Original image Artistic cloning

To achieve the same result follow the instructions:

  • Step 1. Open the original image in your photo editor and call AKVIS MultiBrush by calling the command:

    in Paint Shop Pro: Effects -> Plugins -> AKVIS -> MultiBrush;
    in Photoshop: Filter -> AKVIS -> MultiBrush.

  • Step 2. Select the Chameleon Brush tool from the Toolbar and adjust the size of the brush.
  • Step 3. Activate the check-box Aligned, so that every time you apply the stamp the patterns are taken in sequence concerning the source point. Therefore, you do not need to clone the girl in one stroke.
  • Step 4. Keeping the Alt-key pressed, specify the starting point for cloning on the face of the girl.
  • Step 5. Move the cursor to the right upper corner and clone the girl’s face.
  • Step 6. Press the button on the Control Panel to apply the result.



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