Oil Brush Tool in AKVIS MultiBrush

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Tutorial: AKVIS MultiBrush

Oil Brush


The Oil Brush was designed to imitate painting with an oil brush and paints strokes with a relief. The density of the stroke varies across the entire line. Press B to quickly access this tool.


The tool's parameters will be shown in a floating box over an image (by right-clicking the mouse) and also in the Settings Panel.

To change a parameter, enter a numerical value in the box for that parameter and press Enter (Mac: Return) or move the slider.

  • Size (3-150). The maximum line width which can be obtained by the brush (in pixels).
  • Relief (0-100). The prominence of stroke details. As this parameter is increased, the pattern left by the brush's hairs in the paint is more pronounced and the relief of strokes is stronger.

    Flat Strokes Raised Strokes
    Relief = 15 Relief = 70

  • Paint Reserve (0-100). The length of painted lines. When the paint runs out, the brush stops painting on the surface and leaves a raised, faded stroke of paint.

    Short Stroke Long Stroke
    Paint Reserve = 10 Paint Reserve = 60

  • Color Mixing check box. This defines the state of the paint in when applied by the brush. When this check box is activated, paint strokes will mix together as if the paint is wet. If the check box is deactivated, the paint will behave as if it is drying, and brush strokes will not mix together.

    Drying Paint Wet Paint
    "Color Mixing" Check Box Deactivated "Color Mixing" Check Box Activated

Paint color is set through the Color/Swatches palettes. To choose a different color bring the cursor over the spectral bar (the cursor will take the shape of a pipette) and click on the desired color or double-click on the square and choose a color from the Select Color dialog. In some cases, selecting a color is more convenient than manually selecting the components of a color via the sliders.




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