An old chapel in the South of France

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Jean-Claude Grégoire shows how to improve a dark photo and remove the noise revealed by image correction.

The photo below shows the difference between the original and the result. Click on the image to open it in a new window and see in detail.

The photo before and after the correction
Before and After
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Jean-Claude Grégoire writes:

For this tutorial I used AliveColors and the AKVIS Retoucher, AKVIS Enhancer and AKVIS Noise Buster plug-ins. I presuppose the reader already knows these three plug-ins well enough to be able to work with them effectively. So I won't go into detail about their use.

I'll demonstrate that, even in serious cases, this magic trio can help you to salvage very bad pictures.

Some days ago, I walked in the country, not far from the village where I live in the South of France, and took several photos of a nice old chapel. Unfortunately, the only good shot isn't properly centered and the only well-composed one is severely underexposed and has some other flaws, including an ugly date stamp.

Photo of an old chapel


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