Reduce Noise Appeared During Image Correction

Reduce noise that appeared during image correction

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When you correct a dark photo you will often notice that as you "shed light" upon its underexposed areas the noise in the areas shows up more abundantly. You can't do anything about it. You can only struggle with these inevitable consequences of exposure correction. Besides, they are not so difficult to cope with.

Let's compare one and the same fragment before and after the filtration: on the left is the original dark photo, in the middle - the result of image correction with AKVIS Enhancer, on the right - the result of noise reduction with AKVIS Noise Buster.

The original dark photo After detail improvement After noise reduction

Let's take an underexposed photo and improve detail in the dark areas using AKVIS Enhancer. Pay attention to the people in the background - their faces are hardly visible.

Underexposed dark photo


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