Pencil Portrait from a Photo with AKVIS Draw

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チュートリアル: AKVIS Draw

Pencil Portrait


あいにく, このページは英語にだけ使用可能です。
You can get a free license for AKVIS software by translating our texts (3-4) from English to Japanese. If you are interested, please contact us at

The author of this tutorial is Karl Hartmann (Germany).

AKVIS Draw lets you create drawings, which are almost indistinguishable from hand-made sketches! This example demonstrates how to create an original pencil drawing with AKVIS Draw.

    Original Photo Black and White Drawing Color Drawing
    Original Photo Result (Black-and-White) Result (in Color)

  • Step 1. Open the image in AKVIS Draw or in your graphics editor (for example, Adobe Photoshop).

    Original Photo
  • Step 2. The image will be automatically converted to a pencil drawing.

    AKVIS Draw Window
    AKVIS Draw Window
  • Step 3. On the right side you will see various controls. Move these controls to change the processing effect.

    The presets are located under the settings sliders. Click the down arrow to display the drop-down list of presets. Click on any preset to apply it to your image. When you get a result that you are happy with, click on . The drawing is finished, now you can save it.

    Adjust Parameters
    Adjust Parameters
  • Step 4. You can now turn this drawing made in AKVIS Draw into a black-and-white high-contrast sketch. For this purpose in Adobe Photoshop select the menu item Image -> Ajustment -> Threshold and adjust the Threshold level. The image now looks like it was drawn with ink.

    Adjust Threshold
    Adjust Threshold

    Or you can keep the colors of the image and place it on a suitable background.

    Black-and-White Drawing Drawing on Colored Background
    Black-and-White Drawing Drawing on Colored Background

操作方法 操作方法
   — ワークスペース — ワークスペース
   — 操作方法  — 操作方法
   — スケッチ パラメータ — スケッチ パラメータ
   — キャンバス — キャンバス
   — フレーム — フレーム
   — テキスト — テキスト
   — Drawプリセット — Drawプリセット
   — 環境設定 — 環境設定
   — バッチ処理 — バッチ処理
操作例 操作例
   — 余白にスケッチを追加 — 余白にスケッチを追加
   — Drawのギャラリー — Drawのギャラリー


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