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Tutorial: AKVIS Pastel

Pets Portrait in Pastel


Our pets are a never-ending source of joy! You can decorate your pets photos using the AKVIS programs. Make their portrait in pastel.

Source photo Source photo Result

  • Step 1. Open a picture in AKVIS Pastel.

    Original Photo
  • Step 2. Select a suitable preset (for example, AKVIS Light Sketch). You can adapt its settings to your image. The quick preview window shows an approximate result.

    Parameters Adjustment
    Adjusting Parameters

    Reduce the parameter Lightening to reduce light areas in the image.

    Without Lightening
    Without Lightening

    For more velvety effect, apply any rough surface to the picture using the Decoration -> Canvas options.

    Using Canvas
    Using Canvas
  • Step 3. Process the picture by clicking the button , and save the result using -> .

    Program Window of AKVIS Pastel
    AKVIS Pastel
  • Step 4. In a similar way you can make other pets portraits in pastel. Let's take this photo of the Sphynx cat. Now we use the tool to change direction of the pastel strokes.

    Effect Adjustment in AKVIS Pastel
    AKVIS Pastel

    Save the processed image.

    Result in the Program Window
    Result in the Program Window
  • Step 5. Let's place both images in a single frame. For this purpose, you can use the free program AKVIS Frames and amazing picture frames from the Pets Pack.

    Program Window of AKVIS Frames
    AKVIS Frames

    The result looks like this:

    Pets Photos in Pastel
    (click to enlarge)
How It Works How It Works
   — Workspace — Workspace
   — Using the Program — Using the Program
   — Pastel Effect — Pastel Effect
   — Abstract Art — Abstract Art
   — Canvas — Canvas
   — Frames — Frames
   — Text — Text
   — Toolbar — Toolbar
   — Timeline — Timeline
   — Presets — Presets
   — Preferences — Preferences
   — Batch Processing — Batch Processing
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