Abstract Art in AKVIS Pastel

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Tutorial: AKVIS Pastel

Abstract Art


Using the Abstract Art tab you can change the shape and color of objects, giving them a unique and fantastic look.

Abstract Art Tab
Abstract Art Tab

The parameters are divided into three groups:


Strokes Group. The parameters change the color of strokes in the resulting image.

    Color (0-180). The higher the value, the more strokes are recolored and the more colors appear in the image.

    Original Colors Colorful Strokes
    Color = 0 Color = 100

    Saturation (0-100). The parameter increases the brightness of random strokes. The default value is 0.

    Natural Colors Rich Colors
    Saturation = 25 Saturation = 80

    Contrast (0-100). The parameter makes random strokes darker/lighter.

    More Uniform Strokes Added Contrast Strokes
    Contrast = 10 Contrast = 90


Correction Group. The parameters change the color of the original image.

    Hue (-180...180). The parameter shifts all colors by the same hue value.

    Shades of Violet Shades of Green
    Hue = -100 Hue = 100

    Saturation (-100...100). The parameter lets toning the image with brighter colors. It allows you to change the intensity of colors: from neutral gray tones to bright colors.

    Pale Colors Bright Colors
    Saturation = -65 Saturation = 65

    Brightness (-100...100). The luminance of the image. At higher values the image is brighter while at lower values it is darker.

    Darkening the Image Lightening the Image
    Brightness = -50 Brightness = 50


Distortion Group. The parameters change the shapes and proportions of the objects.

    Strength (0-100). The amount the objects in the image are shifted and stretched. At a value of 0, there is no distortion.

    Weak Distortion Intense Distortion
    Strength = 10 Strength = 90

    Curvature (2-25). This parameter increases the waviness of contours.

    Weak Curvature Strong Curvature
    Curvature = 5 Curvature = 20

Random Seed (1-9999). This is the starting number for the random number generator that defines the deformation of shapes and randomly combines strokes.

Random Distortions
Random Distortions
How It Works How It Works
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