Illusion: a Psychedelic Portrait Created using Draw and Neon

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Tutorial: AKVIS Neon

Illusion: Psychedelic Portrait


For this example, we will use a graphic editor and two plug-ins: AKVIS Draw and AKVIS Neon. First, we have to create a base image drawn with lots of strokes; after that we will transform these strokes into delicate glowing lines.

    Original Result
    Original Result

  • Step 1. Select an image (preferably in dark colors). Open it with your photo editor and create a copy of the layer:

    Source Photo
    Source Photo
  • Step 2. Call the AKVIS Draw plug-in. Adjust the settings to your own taste. You can also apply a ready-to-use preset with maximum preservation of detail.

    Plugin Window of AKVIS Draw
    Plugin Window of AKVIS Draw
  • Step 3. Run the processing using the button and apply the result by pressing .

    Pencil Drawing
    Pencil Drawing
  • Step 4. Optionally, you can make the picture brighter. For this purpose, use any color correction methods available in your photo editor.

    After Processing in AKVIS HDRFactory
    After Processing in AKVIS HDRFactory
  • Step 5. Call the AKVIS Neon plug-in: Filter -> AKVIS -> Neon. Use the preview window to select the effect parameters.

    Plugin Window of AKVIS Neon
    Plugin Window of AKVIS Neon

    A lot of fine bright lines appear on the image. After processing is complete, apply the result by pressing the button .

    After Processing in AKVIS Neon
    After Processing in AKVIS Neon
  • Step 6. All we need to do now is change the blend mode in the Layers palette. Our expressive psychedelic portrait is finished!

    Layers palette
    Layers palette

    Psychedelic Portrait
    (click to enlarge)
How It Works How It Works
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