Creating a Christmas & New Year Card using AKVIS Neon

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Tutorial: AKVIS Neon

Christmas & New Year Card


Using AKVIS Neon you can convert a digital photo into a sparkling greeting card that helps you create a festive atmosphere and get into the Christmas spirit.

    Original Result
    Original Image Result

This example was created using AKVIS Neon and AKVIS ArtSuite plugins as well the graphic editor Adobe Photoshop.


Follow the steps to create a Christmas & New Year card:

  • Step 1. Open an image in Adobe Photoshop.

    Source Photo
    Source Photo
  • Step 2. Use the Horizontal Type Tool to add a congratulatory inscription.

    Adding a Congratulatory Inscription
    Adding a Congratulatory Inscription

    Merge the text and the background layers.

  • Step 3. Add a frame to a picture using the AKVIS ArtSuite plugin (command Filter -> AKVIS -> ArtSuite).

    Select Spray from the list of the frames and adjust the parameters to your taste.

    AKVIS ArtSuite Plugin
    AKVIS ArtSuite Plugin

    Click on the button to apply the result and return to the image editor.

  • Step 4. Transform the image into a neon drawing. Call the AKVIS Neon plugin (command Filter -> AKVIS -> Neon).

    You can either use one of the presets, or adjust the settings manually.

    AKVIS Neon Plugin
    AKVIS Neon Plugin

    Press the button to edit the whole picture.

  • Step 5. You can use the History Brush tool to weaken the lighting effect.

    For example, edit the inscription to make it more readable.

    History Brush
    Using History Brush

    To apply the result press .

Send warm holiday greetings to your friends and family! They will likely appreciate all the creativity that you put into the heartfelt handmade greeting card.

    Christmas & New Year Card
    Christmas & New Year Card
    (click to enlarge)
How It Works How It Works
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