Face MakeUp: Removing Facial Shine on a Portrait

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Tutorial: AKVIS MultiBrush

Removing Facial Shine


Sometimes a good portrait may be damaged by facial shine from perspiration or facial oil.

AKVIS MultiBrush can help us.

Original image Result
  • Step 1. Activate the Chameleon Brush and adjust its size.
  • Step 2. Deactivate the check box Aligned so that every time you apply the stamp the pattern is taken from one and the same starting point.
  • Step 3. Press the Alt-key (Option on Mac) and use the left mouse button to specify the pattern on the face that doesn't have greasy shine. You can also sample a pattern on the neck or decollete.
    Specify the pattern for cloning
  • Step 4. Put the cursor to the forehead of the girl in red and apply the cloned pattern to the greasy shine.
    Apply the patern to the greasy shine

    As soon as you release the button, the cloned object adjusts to the color of the original image.

    Forehead without greasy shine
  • Step 5. We will process the cheeks and the chin of the girl in red in the same way. Then we will proceed to the second girl.


    And now we have the retouched portrait without facial oily shine.

    Let's compare "before" and "after" images:

    Original image Result



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