Add Glamour Glow and Vignette to Your Portrait in AKVIS MakeUp

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Tutorial: AKVIS MakeUp

Effects: Glamour Glow and Vignette


Using the Effects tab in AKVIS MakeUp you can apply creative effects (Glamour Glow and Vignette) to change the mood of your picture and make it look more magical, romantic, or dramatic.


The Glamour Glow effect adds a soft glow effect by creating a blurred layer above the image. When these layers are blended together it results in a surreal appearance. The effect gives a feeling of elegance and grace, and even dreaminess.

  • Intensity (0-100) defines the strength of the glow effect.

    Glamour Glow effect Glamour Glow effect
    Intensity = 5 Intensity = 80


The Vignette effect lets you lighten or darken the edges and draws your attention towards the central part of the image.

  • Dark/Light Edges (-100 to 100). This parameter determines how much the edges will be darkened or lightened. At negative values edges are darkened, while positive values lighten the edges.

    Dark Edges Light Edges
    Dark Edges (-50) Light Edges (95)

  • Distance (0-100) determines how far from the center of the image shading will begin.

    Distance effect Distance effect
    Distance = 0 Distance = 50

  • Shape (-100 to 100) affects the form of the unshaded area of the image. At negatives values it takes the form of a rectangle with rounded edges, while at positive values it takes the form of a circle.

    Form of a rectangle Form of a circle
    Shape = -50 Shape = 50

  • Smooth Transition (0-100) adjusts the smoothness of the boundary between the shaded area and the central part. Increasing the value increases the fading effect.

    Smooth Transition Smooth Transition
    Smooth Transition = 10 Smooth Transition = 50

    Position. Move the white marker to shift the vignette. You can see the current coordinates of the center in the X and Y fields.

    Shift to The Right Shift to The Top
    Moving Vignette

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