Dream to Reality: Blending a Sketch and a Photograph

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The author of this tutorial George Crofton sent us his story:

"A client, a builder of homes and barns, contacted me with an advertisement idea. His motto is “If we can sketch it, we can build it”. He had envisioned a graphic that would show the blend of a sketch and a photograph of his barn. He did not have any photograph of his barn with him, so I selected a photograph from my files. I decided to use Xara Xtreme Pro and AKVIS Sketch to create an example for my client to view."

Source image Result
Source image Result


George tells us how he achieved this beautiful result using Xara software and the Sketch plugin:


You can achieve such a result using one tool - AKVIS Sketch by itself.
Read how to blend an original photo and a sketch using the features of the Backgound tab of AKVIS Sketch.


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